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    Hey there, thanks for a great app, it works flawlessly (unlike similar apps – mentioning no names…) and would be perfect for a silent disco, if only it supported iOS and Windows devices – any chance you’ll release versions for those platforms too? Even just the speaker part?


    Hi Naren.
    Thank you very much!
    For now I don’t have any plans for an iOS or Windows Phone version, sorry.

    I don’t have enough free time to implement and support three different versions. But a speaker-only version might be an option when the Android App is “ready”. 🙂


    Ah, go on! How much would you charge me, if I commissioned you to make the speaker-only App for just iOS (forget Windows, it’s looking like they’re going to implement Android App compatibility soon as not enough apps are being made for them)? I’m inches away from setting up a silent disco in my home town of Bristol, and right now it’s a toss-up between your App and Airfoil. Airfoil offers cross-compatibility for Android and iOS, but unlike your brilliant App, it’s buggy and needs a Mac or PC to stream, and it also uses 50% more bandwidth per speaker. With your App, all I’d need is a decent battery-powered router and we’re away! So, if I have to buy a whole laptop just to get a buggy application working, I’d much rather spend that money on getting you to make an iOS speaker App that actually works properly. Go forth and lead the free silent disco revolution, you know you want to! Me and my girlfriend tested the idea last weekend by setting up a mobile hotspot in an old disused swimming pool. We had a wonderful time, so if nothing else, we’d like to thank you for that! By the way what do you mean by ‘when the Android App is “ready”‘? It seems to be ready and working perfectly to me…


    First of all I would need an Apple PC and an iPhone to develop the iOS version.
    And even if I get them, it will take some time. So please don’t wait for it, but I promise, I’ll do my best! 🙂
    Maybe I can find an iOS developer who wants to support me and the project…


    I really think you’re onto a winner with this one, because unlike so many other apps out there, your app works SO well! The offset feature is great. I’ve calculated the following: your app uses about 200 KB/s per speaker, so with a phone that supports a 40 MB/s + upload speed and router that can broadcast at 40 MB/s + over a 10 metre distance, you could have 200 people attending a silent disco that is broadcasting from one phone! Assuming there really is no limit to the amount of speakers that can connect to one player? Do you think my maths is correct? Have I missed anything? Your app doesn’t seem to put much load on the CPU of the phone running the player, and doesn’t increase the load with more speakers connected, which is cool. Until you make an iOS version, I think I’m just going to invest in a bunch of old android phones for people that don’t have one. Thanks so much for your help!


    Your math sounds OK, but your Wi-Fi has to handle 40MB/s upload on player side + 40MB/s download for the speakers.

    I’ve never tested soundseeder with more than 16 devices, you should be able to connect much more.
    But I’m not sure if a standard Wi-Fi access point can handle 200 connections.


    I’ve been silly and mixed up bytes and bits. Seems like 25 speakers would be the absolute limit, as most smartphones support a maximum 50Mbps (megabits per second) upload speed.


    DLNA is the wrong way to do that. You want a standard streaming server. Although SoundSeeder would be great to use to control the stream by with Speaker on the server.


    this is a perfectly working app.. i wish u also had ios version of atleast a speaker.. as my devices are divided between ios and android

    anyway great work for andriod


    Seconding this request. This is the only feature preventing me from using it as literally half the devices I want to use this with are iOS devices.

    Please consider at least a speaker receiver. Unfortunately for now I have to find another solution.


    I would love it if this app could be brought to ios as my friends have iPhones and this is great for partys. Plus there are no good alternatives to this app.


    Hi narendranarth!

    I too am looking for ways to trow parties using soundseeder.

    Any way we could get into contact please?

    My email is

    Hoping to hear from you or anyone else that can help me soon.

    Kind regards


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