SoundSeeder Release Notes

SoundSeeder Music Player
v2.6.1 [Oct 2022]

  • Fixed random startup crash on Android 12+
  • Improved remote media button support
  • UI improvements
  • Many minor bugfixes

v2.6.0 [Sept 2022]

  • Support for Android 11 and 12
  • InApp purchase process fixed on Android 12
  • New: DLNA support for PCM audio streams
  • DLNA media renderer compatibility improved
  • HiFy / Spotify Premium support fixed
  • Several UI tweaks
  • Some more bugfixes

v2.5.1 [July 2020]

  • Improved performance
  • new Swedish localization (Thanks to Johan!)

v2.5.0 [April 2020]

  • Improved performance on old devices
  • Fixed support for custom radio stations
  • Track loading fixed for Android 10
  • Improved session handling for Google Music
  • new Indonesian localization (Thanks to Francesco)
  • new Vietnamese localization (Thanks to Thành Thỏ)

v2.4.2 [September 2019]

  • Bugfixes and library updates

v2.4.1 [21st January 2019]

  • Improved speaker performance
  • Stop playback on headset disconnect
  • Fixed app crash on animations
  • Russian translation – Credits to gaich@XDA
  • Croatian translation – Credits to dugi9991@XDA

v2.4.0 [7th January 2019]

  • Speaker connections are now more reliable
  • DLNA mode stability improved
  • Fixed Samsung aac codec crash
  • Hindi localization added – Credits to TheImpulson@XDA!
  • Spanish localization improved – Credits to J_M_V_S@XDA!
  • Czech localization improved – Credits to novas78@XDA!

v2.3.3 [30th December 2018]

  • Improved radio streaming
  • Android Pie playback fixed
  • Bugfixes

v2.3.2 [12th December 2018]

  • Optimized resource loading
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Several bugfixes

v2.3.1 [6th December 2018]

  • New: Change Google Music audio quality (Premium feature)
  • Improved auto discovery
  • Full Android Pie support
  • Many bug fixes
  • Improved and new localizations
  • EU GDPR compliance

v2.3.0 alpha [15th November 2018]

v2.2.0 [26th August 2018]

  • New: Add your own Radio Stations to soundseeder
  • New: ‘Spotify connect’ support via dlna & the 3rd party app: ‘HiFy’
  • Improved playback via bluetooth speakers
  • Full Oreo support
  • And many further bugfixes

v2.1.5 [27th March 2018]

  • DLNA Media Renderer Mode – Control soundseeder remotely via DLNA!
  • Audio Track Meta Data Dialog
  • Audio sync improved
  • DLNA Media Server listings fixed
  • OxygenOS Volume fixed
  • Radio Stations sorting fixed
  • Farsi support (RTL)
  • Many further bugs fixed

v2.0.1 [7th August 2017]

  • Brand specific bugfixes (Huawei, Lenovo & Xiaomi)
  • Memory consumption reduced
  • Several minor bugs fixed
  • Change: “Record Audio” permission not required for app start anymore
  • Amazon IAP fixed for international app stores

v2.0.0 [2nd August 2017]
Please note: This update breaks the compatibility with SoundSeeder V1.x. Please update all your devices to the latest soundseeder version.

  • completely new user interface
  • heavily improved usability
  • Material Design
  • Day and Night Themes
  • Improved connectivity and stability
  • Android Wear support
  • Improved DLNA browser
  • Speaker App for Android 2.x updated to v1.2.0
  • SoundSeeder Speaker Java Edition updated to v0.6.1

v1.6.4 [25th May 2016]

  • ogg vbr playback improved
  • .pls playlist loading improved
  • Improved playback controls
  • 15.000+ Radio Stations
  • Several bugfixes

v1.6.3 [18th January 2016]

  • Google Music album track order fixed
  • ogg support (device dependent)
  • Several bugfixes

v1.6.2 [30th December 2015]

  • 10.000+ Radio Stations (credit to
  • dlna/upnp album track sorting improved
  • Several bugfixes

v1.6.1 [11th November 2015]

  • ATM chipset support (‘playback failed’ error fixed)
  • Playlist file encoding fixed
  • Bugfixes

v1.6.0 [2nd November 2015]

  • Microphone & line in (AUX) support
  • USB soundcard support (“USB host for audio” required. More info)
  • Android M support
  • Improved connection handling
  • Google Music import fixed
  • UI and usability improved
  • Bugfixes

v1.5.0 [29th June 2015]

  • Google Music radio station support
  • Google Music automatic and shared playlist support
  • Google TalkBack support
  • Portuguese localization added
  • Hungarian localization added (Thanks to ZityiSoft Team)
  • Reduced storage usage
  • Improved song loading time
  • DLNA compatibility issues fixed (Logitech Media Server)
  • Several bugs fixed

v1.4.0 [8th June 2015]

  • New: Google Music support (Account and Google Play Services required)
  • Improved usability
  • Turkish localization
  • Several bugs fixed

v1.3.1 [24th May 2015]

  • New: Auto re-sync speaker. SoundSeeder now resyncs each speaker automatically.
  • Improved buffering and connection stability
  • Reduced memory usage

v1.3.0 [17th May 2015]

  • New: Autostart in speaker mode on device boot (see settings)
  • New: Autopause player when last speaker disconnects (see settings)
  • Dirble Radio API updated
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements (connectivity and dlna support)

v1.2.2 [28th April 2015]

  • Dirble api updated to v2
  • Minor bugfixes

v1.2.1 [15th April 2015]

  • New: Sort current playlist by title, artist, filename, …
  • Minor bugfixes

v1.2.0 [9th April 2015]

  • New: Sleep Timer
  • Several bugfixes

v1.1.7 [4th April 2015]

  • Improved dlna/upnp compatibility
  • Several crash bugs fixed

v1.1.6 [30th March 2015]

  • Fixed startup crash on Android 4.x
  • Improved error handling

v1.1.5 [17th March 2015]

  • Fixed skipping at end of tracks (Mediatek chipsets)
  • Improved support for Android 5.x

v1.1.4 [9th March 2015]

  • Amazon AppStore support
  • Minor bugs fixed. Thanks for reporting

v1.1.3 [1st March 2015]

  • DLNA compatibility improved
  • InApp purchases on Android 5 fixed
  • Radio Station sorting and menus fixed

v1.1.2 [17th February 2015]

  • Fixed song titles in saved playlists
  • Improved stability. Fixed crash bugs

v1.1.1 [2nd February 2015]

  • Fixed loading via upnp if song duration is unavailable

v1.1.0 [1st February 2015]

  • DLNA/UPnP support – Select and play music from your media servers and NAS drives
  • New setting to throttle UPnP download rate to improve speaker connections
  • Playback with bluetooth speakers improved
  • Navigation in library mode improved
  • 3rd party AppStore crash fixed
  • Deadlock while loading album covers fixed
  • Several minor bugfixes

v1.0.1 [8th January 2015]

  • Streaming via https
  • Improved Youtube support via semperVidLinks
  • Several minor bugfixes

v1.0 [29th December 2014]

  • New Online Radio Mode with more than 4500 Radio Stations (by
  • Player and Speaker App merged
  • YouTube support via semperVidLinks
  • Landscape Mode
  • Navigation Bar added
  • Advanced settings to change buffer size
  • Google Music support restored (GM v5.5 and older)
  • Improved Playlist support
  • Android 5 (Lollipop) support
  • Connection and sync errors fixed
  • Faster caching of streamed media files
  • Improved Playback Synchronization
  • New Windows and Linux Speaker Application (Raspberry Pi support)

Speaker App for Windows and Linux released!

  • Java based implementation
  • Tested on Windows and Linux
  • Raspberry Pi support
  • Available for download on

v1.0 RC1 [1st November 2014]

  • SoundSeeder V1.0 Release Candidate 1

v0.9.2 [22th February 2014]

  • SoundSeeder Speaker Fix for Android 2.2 (Froyo)

v0.9.1 [19th February 2014]

  • Free version connection limit increased to 15mins
  • “Simple Last.FM Scrobbler” support
  • Buffersize increased
  • Minor bugfixes

v0.9 [9th February 2014]

  • Equalizer added (supported devices only)
  • System-wide volume adjustment
  • French and Indonesian localization
  • Several bugfixes and improvements
  • Reduced memory and cpu usage

v0.8.11 [8th January 2014]

  • Landscape mode for SoundSeeder Speaker
  • Add speakers manually to player via their IP address, if they could not be discovered automatically. The current IP of a speaker is displayed in the speaker settings.
  • Minor bugfixes and connection improvements

v0.8.10 [22th December 2013]

  • Fixed volume control in Google Music Mode
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Slovak localization by Matus Bory

v0.8.9 [19th December 2013]

  • Cast Google Play Music from your PC to SoundSeeder with Chrome Browser and ‘Google Cast’ extension
  • Save and delete playlists
  • Improved streaming performance
  • Russian localization by Sergey Chernov

v0.8.8 [10th December 2013]

  • Android 4.4 KitKat support
  • Streaming of Online Radio and Audio Files via HTTP
  • Manual offset adjustment in speaker settings
  • New “Sync” Button for resyncing playback
  • Improved performance and some minor bugfixes

v0.8.7 [17th November 2013]

  • Shuffle and repeat buttons are now restored on app start
  • Connect/disconnect Speaker in Volume dialog
  • Player audio output can now be muted

v0.8.6 [11th November 2013]

  • Google Music support!
  • Eased Demo Mode restrictions: connect to 2 speakers
  • Advanced speaker offset adjustment
  • Many improvements in stability, performance and usability

To activate the Google Play Music support, go to Settings and unlock the new feature.
Then you can switch to Google Music Mode by selecting the new main menu.

v0.8.3 [29th September 2013]

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • Fix for tablets running Android 3.x
  • Faster loading of Album Covers

v0.8.2 [24th September 2013]

  • New: User defined adjustment of speaker playback (offset)
  • Fix hardware related sync-problems manually

v0.8 [17th September 2013]

  • Huge improvements in stability, performance and usability
  • Improved connection handling and synchronicity
  • New default streaming in mono. Network traffic reduction by 50% without any loss of quality on most devices.
  • Play songs from external file browsers and mail attachments.
  • New menu item to shutdown SoundSeeder, use back button to hide the app
  • Many many minor bugs fixed.
  • SoundSeeder is now available in the following languages:
  • English, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Polish.
  • Many thanks to ILCAMPIONE, Josep, skaram and Jan for supporting us with translations!

v0.7 [18th August 2013]

  • New option to keep device awake. Use this setting if SoundSeeder looses the connection, when the device goes in standby.
  • New option to set priority to gapless playback instead of synchronicity. If you don’t need perfect synchronicity, this setting can help you to avoid pauses in playback.
  • Bugfixes and connection improvements

v0.6 [11th August 2013]

  • Homescreen widgets to control playback and manage connected speakers
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Improved handling of lost Wi-Fi connection

v0.5 [3th August 2013]

  • Fixed song search for Android v4.3
  • Show song cover instead of album cover (if available)
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

v0.4 [29th July 2013]

  • New: “Play next” Add song to queue and play it next
  • Minor Bugfixes and performance improvements

v0.3 [24th July 2013]

  • Main features implemented
  • First public beta version