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    Can’t you just seperate the different audiostreams of the source (if it has them) somehow? or just stream full 5.1 and let the speaker just pick one? Or would that be too much bandwith?

    I dont’t know if it would be much of a benefit, maybe you can keep the idea in mind for future updates when you ran out of ideas/bugfixes. (you could start a poll if people need/like support for more channels.)

    Or maybe for SoundSeeder 3.0 when you implement video streaming but i guess that is just me fantasising 🙂

    For me it wouldn’t be much of a problem to have the player muted, i have it muted anyways and just use it to control the speakers cause my phone’s speaker sucks and i dont have it connected to big speakers all the time.

    Thanks for answering everthing and stuff btw, not many devs do this.

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    Another idea for SoundSeeder 2.0 would be more channels than just stereo, maybe 5.1 (or even 7.1?) for pro-users

    for the interface you could add another dropdown so you can choose mono, stereo, left/right or sub from the first one, and the second dropdown for front and back (and mid for 7.1).

    this way you can create every possible combination very easily.

    Hope theses are some helpful ideas 🙂

    (No “PS” this time, i realized i fucked up haha)

    in reply to: Feature Request #867

    Awesome, great news.

    Also are there any plans on adding more cloud services like spotify and so on?

    I think spotify is fine with the streaming as long as you have premium + it’s your own network, not sure tho.
    (I just quickly read their terms of use)

    For rooted devices a feature like BubbleUPnP’s ‘Audio Cast’ added through xposed would be neat.
    (Maybe you can contact the devs or just make your own thingy)

    Edit: I have SoundSeeder installed on my RasPi2 but it doesnt play in sync, I tried almost every offset setting and it also sometimes just looses connection or just doesnt work/play music. But works perfectly on windows.

    PS: awesome app so far, i already told like 5 friends about it and i didnt even buy it (yet – will do it in near future tho of course).

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)