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    Great looking app, which I have just come across. The DLNA feature seems to apply to the source only, i.e. a UPnP control point can “play to” Soundseeder.

    Like many people, I imagine, I run a UPnP/DLNA audio setup, which has more than one DLNA renderer (multi-room), but it does not seem to be possible to play one stream simultaneously to more than one DLNA renderer, using available hardware/software combos. With or without synchronised audio.

    If Soundseeder could recognise a DLNA renderer as a “speaker”, this would fill a huge gap in the UPnP/DLNA market, which I for one, would happily pay for. Do you have any plans to add this feature? A kind of “nested renderer” option.

    Sorry, I guess this is a feature request, not a support issue.

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