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    first big thanks for developing this easy-setup-multiroom-system. installing apps and swoosh multiroom-perfect-synced-audio runs. very nice.

    my actual setup is running minidlna on the raspberry, the soundseeder app on my android phone and soundseeder-java on the raspberry. when i want to play music i send the datastream through dlna from my raspberry to my androidphone and stream it then back to the speaker on the raspberry. is this at present the only way to get it running over soundseeder?

    could it be, that this problem is a featurerequest for a soundseeder-player on the raspberry? is this planned? i think this would be the absolute perfect feature, because i think most users have their music on the raspberry or on a nas and not on the phone.

    thanks for reading
    best regards


    Hi manuel.
    You are right, at the moment the only way to play music via soundseeder is using your android phone.

    A player version for java/raspberry pi would be nice, but (at the momemt) the android version is our main focus and porting it to “standard java” isn’t that easy as the porting of the speaker app was…

    So I hope you can live with the current solution. 🙂
    Another way would be, to get an Android TV box. You can get them for about 40€…



    thinking this idea further buying an android tv box. i always would have to use the player on the tv box to play music without sending it twice through the whole flat.
    on the device on which i use the player i stream the sound right?
    is soundseeder able to be a remote for a player instance running at another android device?


    Great looking app, which I have just come across. The DLNA feature seems to apply to the source only, i.e. a UPnP control point can “play to” Soundseeder.

    Like many people, I imagine, I run a UPnP/DLNA audio setup, which has more than one DLNA renderer (multi-room), but it does not seem to be possible to play one stream simultaneously to more than one DLNA renderer, using available hardware/software combos. With or without synchronised audio.

    If Soundseeder could recognise a DLNA renderer as a “speaker”, this would fill a huge gap in the UPnP/DLNA market, which I for one, would happily pay for. Do you have any plans to add this feature? A kind of “nested renderer” option.

    Sorry, I guess this is a feature request, not a support issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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