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    Jens, great app.
    I have two suggestions, based on my desired usage, which i think many might like.
    1. make a “paid/pro” version of SoundSeederSpeaker that works as a generic DLNA renderer, but still keep the support for Android 2.0 and RasberryPI. I expect there are MANY people who would want this.
    That would let it work with streamers on any platform.

    2. If possible, add “CurrentAudio” (whatever is going out the phone’s speakers) as a source for streaming.
    That provides support for ANY music service with worrying about integrations. (such as Amazon, which is what I am trying to use as a music source).

    (In the interim, it looks like I will be using StreamWhatYouHear and AmazonMusicPlayer on a PC, being controlled by RDP from the modern phone, which also will have SoundSeeder that streams to my 4 SoundSeederSpeakers devices. The SoundSeeder on the “main” phone very nicely receives the stream from Windows and pumps it to the SoundSeederSpeakers. Theres other ways to do this, but SoundSeeder Speakers autostart and SoundSeeder’s remote selection of speaker and volume are FAR better than anything else.


    Thank you very much! 🙂

    1. There are a lot of dlna renderer apps available for Android 2.x and the Raspberry Pi. At the moment I don’t think this feature is important for many users, as you can also launch a second app on the speaker device for this… Or did I get you wrong?

    2. Supporting the system audio is a very often requested feature. But you need root access to capture the system sound on Android. I have already tested some ways to get this working (maybe as xposed module). I can’t promise anything yet, but as the Google Music support is now completed, I will look into this in the next weeks.
    But adding support for Amazon cloud storages (for non-rooted devices) is also a nice idea.


    I’d also like to have a Soundseeder DLNA renderer or alternatively a Soundseeder server (with web interface) – or just let one Soundseeder app control another.

    My current setup looks like this:

    – Android device with BubbleUPNP as renderer connected to the speakers
    – BubbleUPNP server on a Debian server to convert the renderer in an OpenHome renderer (so the playlists are stored on the renderer)
    – multiple Android devices with BubbleUPNP as controllers
    – either one of the Android devices or the Debian server with minidlna as media server

    With this I can start some music playing with my cellphone, shut it down and alter the playlist with the tablet (a similar approach would be Volumio/mpd, but it’s queue management is craptastic). What I’m missing is multiroom support.

    With Soundseeder, multiroom works great, but I have to use one and only one Device to control the music (at least with good queue management, thanks!), but I may not have it with me at all times.


    First thanks for the UPNP renderer function. Would it be much work to make it an OpenHome renderer, so the playlists are stored on the renderer and one can youse multiple devices to control the playback?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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