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    I’m looking for an music payer app with streaming functionality which is able to be controlled over an HTTP / TCP / UDP interface – e.g. an REST interface and saw that Soundseeder has some nice features which other music player don’t have. So I thought, maybe you are interested in adding such a interface.

    The use case is, that this app should run on device A. There is another device B which is an embedded system – in my case an home automation system. The device B does remotely control the music player on device B. I would only require interfaces to start / stop playing the music playlist but I guess, there are other great use cases where increasing / decreasing the volume, next track and etc. are required.


    i second that


    The HTTP/REST interface is on the roadmap.

    We will start with simple commands like: start, stop, volume up/down
    In the future it will be enhanced by more complex commands like “start favorite radio station 1/2/3/..”, “connect/disconnect speaker xy”, etc.

    Your feedback and ideas are very welcome… 😉


    Remote control over HTTP/REST interface would be really cool.
    You also could use android intent like “Intent Radio” ( it could be used by automation apps like tasker ).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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