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    I would like to have current media progress reporting. I use soundseeder as my main player all day. The application is gorgeous, I am suggesting/advertising it to every human around me and installing it as well to them. Media progress reporting could be useful for smartwatches/pebble as well.

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    I am actually switching to another app for every day use.
    Having media progress display is just too convenient. Soundseeder is still a great app, one of its kind. I will make soundseeder my main music app just the day media progress display will be implemented.


    Hi Depon.
    Thanks for your feedback. I’m working on SoundSeeder v2 at the moment.
    Full Android Wear support is part of this roadmap. So please stay tuned.


    That is great. I am looking forward for the next release. I am a hardcore music listener ( not indispensably in genre ) with a hefty setup combined with tasker for dynamic music sorting .
    I seriously think that for music listening , pebble is the way to go because of the hardware buttons and always-on – epaper display. This is the only reason I purchased a pebble time.
    The only feature I would personally hope for as to pebble support is media progress display , specifically for Music Boss app.
    Is there any way to subscribe to topics? I read your answer by manually checking out myself, I had no idea you had replied all these days. I just favorited the topic… is that a way to get notifications for favorite topics?
    I admire your jubilation/artistry. Keep up the good work. I believe that soundseeder has the potential to become the best media player. I mean it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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