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    im using the full player app on my ZTE ZMAX Z970 (Android 4.4.4) and routing music to my two old LG Motion MS770 phones (Android 4.0.4)…one left, the other right. [each LG outputs to a Fiio E6 headphone amp, which then runs into a TDK Q35 boombox for my stereo beach party set up]

    i find that syncing issues occur far more frequently when i dance or people walk between the player and speakers…as far as i know, i have every setting maxed out in the app, on every phone, to prioritize the soundseeder function over everything else.


    1) how do i improve the syncing?

    a. is dancing or walking around an inevitable cause of lost sync? do i have to play from a physically stationary device?

    b. would manually updating the LG phones to Android 4.1 and installing the Player app and checking “start as Speaker on boot” improve syncing performance…or any other kind of performance? [i no longer use these phones for anything else, it would also be sweet to have them power-on already in Speaker mode n save me set-up time at the beach.)

    c. in another thread in this forum, you mention the need for “a good wifi app”. i assume my Z970 is using whatever it came with, and i am always using the app/phones in wifi-direct mode at the beach and outdoors in general. is there a specific wifi app i should download that would suit my usage pattern better?

    2) at present the Player defaults to my Z970’s *extremely* annoying default EQ from Dolby…if i delete that from my Z970 and manage to set another EQ app as the default, will the Player app use it? [i have seen a spectrograph analysis of my TDK speakers and purchased JetAudio Plus because it has controls for the specific audio frequencies my speaker is deficient in. i REALLY want to use it with Soundseeder]

    a. is there a UPnP or DLNA app solution to my desire to use the JetAudio EQ in the Soundseeder Player?

    3) any chance of .wav file compatibility? or high-resolution files and/or formats? i can’t stand how mp3s sound, how bluetooth sounds, and especially how they sound together. findinf your app blew my mind and freed me from the SBS/AptX silliness of bluetooth. i purchased your app before i knew that .wav files were not playable…but was happy that flac files are accepted.

    btw, THANK YOU for this app. wven with the flaws n glitches, it’s massively awesome! syncing and eq issues aside, im wireless at the beach n it sounds glorious!

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    Hi jeton.
    Thank you very much. Great to hear you are enjoying using my app. 🙂
    I’ll try to answer all of your questions, but I have to say that the performance of soundseeder on different devices, by different manufaturers and with different versions of android is very hard to predict.

    a) The most important factor for the playback performance of soundseeder, is the quality of your wifi signal. When you move around your devices might loose their connection, the streaming buffers run empty and the playback gets out of sync. Make sure your wifi connection is stable and fast.
    b) Updating to Android 4.1 can definetely improve the performance of your speakers, yes. Android 4.1 brings an improved audio api and has a much better overall performance than android 2.x and 4.0.
    c) Did I relly say “a good Wifi app”? I guess I meant “a good wifi connection” or “a good wifi access point”. (see a)) You can try to improve the connection by using another phone or a wireless wifi router as dedicated portable hotspot to connect your player and speakers. Place the access point in the center of all your devices to get the best connection.

    At the moment SoundSeeder uses the default Equalizer of your ROM. I don’t think you can uninstall it to replace it by another EQ. I think you will have to flash a new ROM with a builtin EQ that fits your requirements.
    a) I don’t hink so. Dlna/upnp will not help us here…

    Sorry but wav files will not be supported soon. You can play them with soundseeder (by selecting them via an external file browser) but the playback will most likely not be in sync.

    I do my best to improve soundseeder and I’m planing to add more and more features, so please stay tuned and let me know if you miss anything… 🙂




    thank you very kindly for your responses. a few reactions and queries:

    1) wifi:
    a + c :
    [the “good wifi app” reference:

    to be clear: if i abandon wifi-direct and place a battery-powered portable wifi router physically between my two speakers, am i likely to experience less syncing issues and better performance? even if i dance around with the Player-phone in hand?

    if the answer to the first (or both) question(s) is “yes”, would you be able to point me to a reference article on how to configure such an offline outdoor network? it seems like battery powered portable wifi routers aren’t as expensive as i feared…are there any particular attributes it should or not not have for my purpose? basically, my speaker-phones will never have to be online as far as i know…for me this is all about having portable, lossless (flac) wireless audio in the great outdoors. [btw, salespersons at B&H Photo/Video were pretty excited when i ranted about your app. as i suspected, they get many inquiries from portable speaker buyers who make or break purchasing decisions based on whether or not this or that expensive portable speaker can be paired with another into True Stereo. that’s certainly why your app pleases me so much!]

    1b + 2:

    when i upgrade my Speaker LG phones to Android 4.4.4, is it possible to use the EQ that comes built in on the Speaker (LG) phones? i’m actually confused further on the EQ issue by a Soundseeder review in the GooglePlay store by Ashish Rrr on May 1st, 2015. i have to admit that i did not test Soundseeder at the beach to see if the using the Player phones’ EQ (the ZTE ZMAX) actually effected the output from the speakers. is Ashish’s experience (Player EQ only effects output from Player device itself) an aberration or is his experience an expected result of your coding?

    lastly, now that i noticed that Soundseeder can play music from a Windows pc and some other apps like Youtube, is it actually possible to play flac/mp3 music files from the JetAudio Plus app (with that 20-band EQ) and route it thru Soundseeder without crippling sync issues? especially if i purchase a separate portable wifi router? if not now, could that be implemented? i suspect many people would like the option of using a different music player for whatever reason, while still streaming in high quality wifi the way Soundseeder so brilliantly allows!

    thank you again for even reading this far, if you made it. any and all answers and solutions are very deeply appreciated.

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    1. “good wifi app” != “good wifi ap” 🙂 I meant the access point, not an application.

    2. “Wifi direct” vs “portable hotspot”:
    When you use “Wifi direct”, one of your phones is the access point / hotspot for all your connected devices. That means every device needs a good connection to this device.
    If you use a dedicated portable hotspot (either another android device in “portable hotspot mode” (see faq) or a battery powered portable WiFi Router) you can place this device in the center of all your soundseeder devices and minimize the distance between them. This will improve your connection quality and might fix your sync issues.

    3. SoundSeeder equalizer settings
    At the moment the equalizer settings on player and speaker side are completely independent from each other.
    As SoundSeeder uses the built-in equalizer of each device, the equalizer in your player device only affects the output of the player. If you want to adjust the sound on speaker side, you have to change it in the speakers equalizer settings.
    I’ll have to implement my own equalizer to change that behaviour and didn’t have time for that yet.

    4. Audio sources
    SoundSeeder supports dlna/upnp and http streaming of audio sources. The music of a windows pc can be played by offering it as dlna stream. Youtube videos can be accessed via http.
    As fas as I know JetAudio doesn’t offer any interface to access its equalized sound output to play or stream it via any third party app like soundseeder.

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