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Can’t you just seperate the different audiostreams of the source (if it has them) somehow? or just stream full 5.1 and let the speaker just pick one? Or would that be too much bandwith?

I dont’t know if it would be much of a benefit, maybe you can keep the idea in mind for future updates when you ran out of ideas/bugfixes. (you could start a poll if people need/like support for more channels.)

Or maybe for SoundSeeder 3.0 when you implement video streaming but i guess that is just me fantasising 🙂

For me it wouldn’t be much of a problem to have the player muted, i have it muted anyways and just use it to control the speakers cause my phone’s speaker sucks and i dont have it connected to big speakers all the time.

Thanks for answering everthing and stuff btw, not many devs do this.