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Awesome, great news.

Also are there any plans on adding more cloud services like spotify and so on?

I think spotify is fine with the streaming as long as you have premium + it’s your own network, not sure tho.
(I just quickly read their terms of use)

For rooted devices a feature like BubbleUPnP’s ‘Audio Cast’ added through xposed would be neat.
(Maybe you can contact the devs or just make your own thingy)

Edit: I have SoundSeeder installed on my RasPi2 but it doesnt play in sync, I tried almost every offset setting and it also sometimes just looses connection or just doesnt work/play music. But works perfectly on windows.

PS: awesome app so far, i already told like 5 friends about it and i didnt even buy it (yet – will do it in near future tho of course).

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