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thank you very kindly for your responses. a few reactions and queries:

1) wifi:
a + c :
[the “good wifi app” reference:

to be clear: if i abandon wifi-direct and place a battery-powered portable wifi router physically between my two speakers, am i likely to experience less syncing issues and better performance? even if i dance around with the Player-phone in hand?

if the answer to the first (or both) question(s) is “yes”, would you be able to point me to a reference article on how to configure such an offline outdoor network? it seems like battery powered portable wifi routers aren’t as expensive as i feared…are there any particular attributes it should or not not have for my purpose? basically, my speaker-phones will never have to be online as far as i know…for me this is all about having portable, lossless (flac) wireless audio in the great outdoors. [btw, salespersons at B&H Photo/Video were pretty excited when i ranted about your app. as i suspected, they get many inquiries from portable speaker buyers who make or break purchasing decisions based on whether or not this or that expensive portable speaker can be paired with another into True Stereo. that’s certainly why your app pleases me so much!]

1b + 2:

when i upgrade my Speaker LG phones to Android 4.4.4, is it possible to use the EQ that comes built in on the Speaker (LG) phones? i’m actually confused further on the EQ issue by a Soundseeder review in the GooglePlay store by Ashish Rrr on May 1st, 2015. i have to admit that i did not test Soundseeder at the beach to see if the using the Player phones’ EQ (the ZTE ZMAX) actually effected the output from the speakers. is Ashish’s experience (Player EQ only effects output from Player device itself) an aberration or is his experience an expected result of your coding?

lastly, now that i noticed that Soundseeder can play music from a Windows pc and some other apps like Youtube, is it actually possible to play flac/mp3 music files from the JetAudio Plus app (with that 20-band EQ) and route it thru Soundseeder without crippling sync issues? especially if i purchase a separate portable wifi router? if not now, could that be implemented? i suspect many people would like the option of using a different music player for whatever reason, while still streaming in high quality wifi the way Soundseeder so brilliantly allows!

thank you again for even reading this far, if you made it. any and all answers and solutions are very deeply appreciated.

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