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Configuration arguments

The following command line arguments are available to configure the Speaker Application:

-c,--channel   speaker channel configuration [mono, left, right, stereo], default: stereo
-d,--debug     enable debug mode
-h,--help      show this dialog
-i,--ip        prefered IP binding. Specify the IP Address of your local network interface, if multiple interfaces are available.
-m,--mixer <arg> system audio mixer id, default: 0
-n,--name      set speaker device name
-v,--volume    volume on startup [0-15], default: 12

java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar -n Kitchen -v 15

This Speaker will be visible with the name “Kitchen” and initialized with maximum volume.

java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar -i

Bind this Speaker to the network interface with IP

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