4. Speaker for JavaSE

Getting started

With our Java Speaker application, you can use your Windows and Linux PC as SoundSeeder Speaker device.

First of all download the SoundSeeder Speaker for JavaSE.
This Application requires a Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or higher.

To launch the Speaker Application open a command line, navigate to the download folder and enter:
java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar

To get an overview of all available command line arguments, run:
java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar -h

Configuration arguments

The following command line arguments are available to configure the Speaker Application:

-c,--channel   speaker channel configuration [mono, left, right, stereo], default: stereo
-d,--debug     enable debug mode
-h,--help      show this dialog
-i,--ip        prefered IP binding. Specify the IP Address of your local network interface, if multiple interfaces are available.
-m,--mixer <arg> system audio mixer id, default: 0
-n,--name      set speaker device name
-v,--volume    volume on startup [0-15], default: 12

java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar -n Kitchen -v 15

This Speaker will be visible with the name “Kitchen” and initialized with maximum volume.

java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar -i

Bind this Speaker to the network interface with IP


If the Speaker Application doesn’t work properly, activate the debug mode to analyse your issue:
java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar -d

Also check the available configuration arguments, for example to fix network connection issues:
java -jar soundseederspeaker.jar -h

If you need further support, please visit our Support Forum.