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We have implemented two Android apps and one Java application, to provide SoundSeeder for as many devices as possible. Please note, that you need at least one device running Android 4.1+ to use SoundSeeder and that all devices need to be connected to the same (WiFi) network.

  • The SoundSeeder Music Player is available for Phones and Tablets running Android 4.1 and higher (Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop). Use this app to select and play your music or to connect it as wireless speaker to another SoundSeeder Music Player.
  • If your device is running an older Android version (2.2 – 4.0), install the SoundSeeder Speaker App. It is a “Speaker-Only” version of SoundSeeder, which can be connected to the SoundSeeder Music Player App.

Both Apps are available on Google Play.

  • The Java based Speaker Application lets you connect your Windows and Linux computers as SoundSeeder Speaker to your Android device. It requires a JavaSE 1.6 Runtime Environment and a WiFi connection to your Android device.

The Java Speaker is available in the Download Section.

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