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First steps

Start SoundSeeder and select the audio source of your choice:

My Music:

  • Play tracks that are located on your phone or in your dlna media library. See: My Music Mode

Online Radio:

  • Select one of 25.000 included Internet Radio Station and listen to it via SoundSeeder. See: Online Radio Mode

Other sources:

  • DLNA Media Renderer (DMR) Mode – Control SoundSeeder remotely with a DLNA controller application of your choice. This mode enables soundseeder to play any external source that is supported by your dlna controller app. Read more…
  • Microphone / AUX – Play sound that is recorded by the internal microphone or via the line-in (AUX) port of a connected USB soundcard. See: Mic/AUX Mode

SoundSeeder Player:

  • Connect to another SoundSeeder Music Player and play its music. This will switch your device to Speaker Mode

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