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SoundSeeder V2.0 BETA release

Juni 17, 2017 12:36 am Veröffentlicht von

SoundSeeder V2.0 is here for beta testing!

This release brings a whole new user interface, improved usability and lots of enhancements.

  • Modern look&feel

If you like to join the beta test, click here and follow the instructions:

Join beta test

Please note, that this release is not compatible to soundseeder 1.x. You need to update all your soundseeder devices to version 2.0.

The SoundSeeder Speaker for Windows and Linux PC has also been updated and is available for download here.
SoundSeeder Speaker for JavaSE v0.6.1beta (16. Juni 2017)

For feedback, questions or bug reports, please visit our support forum or send a mail to

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