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soundseeder SoundSeeder
soundseeder_mp SoundSeeder Music Player
app_name @string/soundseeder
app_launcher_name @string/soundseeder
menu_settings Settings
empty_playlist The song queue is empty.
menu_clear_playlist Clear Playlist
speaker_connected Connected
speaker_connected_ticker $ connected
speaker_not_in_speakermode Not in speaker mode!
player_not_in_playermode Not in player mode!
speaker_disconnected Disconnected
speaker_local_active Active
speaker_local_inactive Muted
speaker_disconnected_ticker $ disconnected
nospeaker No Speaker available
noplayer No Player available
no_soundseeder_msg Connect other SoundSeeders to the same Wi-Fi and click on Search
speakers_local Local Playback
speakers_remote SoundSeeder Speakers
selectplayer Select Player
notconnected Not connected
title_addPlayer Add Player
addPlayer_ip_msg Enter the IP address of a running SoundSeeder Player
found_colon Found:
connected_colon Connected:
close Close
nowlan_title Wi-Fi not connected
nowlan_please_connect Connect to Wi-Fi or create a portable Wi-Fi hotspot
nowlan_configure_wifi Connect
nowlan_configure_hotspot Hotspot
empty_music No music found
empty No song selected
page_artists Artists
page_albums Albums
page_songs Songs
page_playlists Playlists
page_folders Folders
page_genres Genres
search_title Search
search_hint Title/Artist/Album
speaker_ip IP Address
speaker_channel Channels:
devname_title Player Name
devname_dialog Enter an unique name for this device
context_song_library_play_song Play this track
context_song_library_play_radio Play now
context_song_library_play_song_next Play track next
context_song_library_add_song Enqueue track
context_song_library_play_from_here Play all starting here
context_song_library_add_from_here Enqueue all starting here
context_song_library_play_all Play all tracks
context_song_library_add_all Enqueue all tracks
context_song_library_show_songs Show Songs
context_song_library_play_album Play Album
context_song_library_add_album Enqueue Album
context_song_library_play_artist Play Artist
context_song_library_add_artist Enqueue Artist
context_song_library_play_genre Play Genre
context_song_library_add_genre Enqueue Genre
context_song_library_play_playlist Play Playlist
context_song_library_add_playlist Enqueue Playlist
context_song_library_play_folder Play Folder
context_song_library_add_folder Enqueue Folder
shutdown_title Exit
shutdown_msg Shutdown SoundSeeder?
upgrade Upgrade
shuffle_on Shuffle - On
shuffle_off Shuffle - Off
repeat_one Repeat current song
repeat_all Repeat all songs
repeat_off Repeat - off
demoMode Free Version
premium Premium Version
upgradeDialogTitle Get Pro-Version
upgraded_toast Upgrade successful…
Thank you!
upgraded_again_toast Upgrade restored.
upgrade_failed_toast Connection to Google Play failed.
app_widget_large SoundSeeder - large
title_activity_settings Settings
settings_licenses Licenses
pref_header_general General
pref_header_speaker Speaker Mode
pref_title_device_name Device name
pref_title_keepalive Stay awake
pref_description_keepalive Disable automatic standby
pref_title_animation Animations
pref_description_animate Rotate cover while playing
pref_title_speaker_mode Audio mode
pref_version_prefix @string/soundseeder
pref_about_category About
pref_beta_category Beta
pref_title_dmr DLNA Media Renderer Mode
pref_copyright Copyright 2021 © JekApps
pref_licenses Software Licenses
pref_privacy Privacy Policy
speaker_incompatible_ticker Speaker version incompatible! $
please_update ### Please update! ###
openFile Open File
share_soundseeder Share
shutdown_soundseeder Quit
speaker_offset Sync
demoModeExeededMsg SoundSeeder Demo Limit exceeded
dontshowagain Don\'t show again
release_notes Release Notes
openUrl Open URL
openUrlMessage Enter the URL of an audio file or live stream.
menu_sync Resync Playback
save_playlist Save Playlist
savePlaylistMessage Playlist name:
overwrite_file Overwrite?
file_saved File saved
delete_playlist Delete Playlist
file_deleted File deleted
context_song_library_delete_playlist @string/delete_playlist
menu_addSpeaker Add Speaker
addSpeaker_ip_msg Enter the IP address of a running SoundSeeder Speaker
invalid_ip Invalid IP address
equalizer Equalizer
offline Offline
context_song_library_add_song_fav Add to Favorites
context_song_library_remove_song_fav Remove from Favorites
context_song_library_show_stations Show Stations
toast_added_to_fav Added to Favorites
toast_removed_from_fav Removed from Favorites
no_radio_selected No Radio Station selected
dirbleTitle Radio Stations
stations_found %1$d Stations found
empty_stations No Station found
page_dirble_favorites Favorites
page_dirble_genres @string/page_genres
genre Genre
page_dirble_countries Countries
page_dirble_alphabetic_list Alphabetic
menu_import_stations Update Stations
import_message Radio Stations are downloaded from The import might take some minutes.
import_stations_title Updating Radio Stations
stations_uptodate Radio Stations are up to date
connection_failed Connection failed
connecting Connecting…
pref_title_buffer_size Buffer Size
pref_description_buffersize A larger buffer can improve the connection stability, a small buffer requires less resources and reduces the playback latency.
pref_title_autoconnect Auto connect
pref_description_autoconnect Try to connect to SoundSeeder Players automatically
player_incompatible_toast Incompatible Versions!
Please update SoundSeeder Player:
pref_title_speaker_offset Offset to current Player
pref_speaker_offset Manual playback adjustment:
offset_info_title Sync Offset
offset_adjust Adjust sync
offset_info_html If the playback is out of sync, set a positive value to delay the output and a negative value to play back earlier.
ipAddress IP Address
help Help
addTracks Add Tracks
networkBrowser Network Browser
action_refresh Refresh
info_errorlist_folders Error while listing folders
info_no_upnp_devices No UPnP devices found
info_no_upnp_items No items found
info_still_loading Loading, please wait and try again
info_folder Folder
info_file File
info_items Items
pref_title_upnpDownrateThrottle Maximum UPnP Download Rate
pref_descr_upnpDownrateThrottle Throttle the maximum download speed to reserve bandwidth for streaming to the speakers.
sleep_timer Sleep Timer
shutdown_toast Shutting down SoundSeeder
hours_label h
minutes_label m
start_timer_button_label Start
stop_timer_button_label Stop
timer_started Sleep timer started
timer_stopped Sleep timer stopped
menu_sort_playlist Sort List…
menu_sort_playlist_by_title by Title
menu_sort_playlist_by_artist by Artist
menu_sort_playlist_by_album by Album
menu_sort_playlist_by_filename by Filename
menu_sort_playlist_by_path by Path
menu_sort_playlist_reverse Reverse List
pref_title_autostart Start as speaker on boot
pref_description_autostart Autostart soundseeder in speaker mode on device boot.
pref_title_stopondisconnect Auto pause on disconnect
pref_description_stopondisconnect Pause playback when last speaker has disconnected.
autopause_toast Auto pause
pref_title_autosync Re-sync frequency
pref_description_autosync Automatic re-syncing is useful, if this speaker becomes async while playing.
pref_title_theme Theme
play_next_song Play next song
start_stop_playback Start/Stop playback
play_prev_song Play previous song
shuffle Shuffle
repeat Repeat
menu Menu
thumbsup_list_name Thumbs up
recentlyadded_list_name Last added
auto_playlist Auto-playlist
soundseeder_volume Volume
gm_my_stations My Stations
gm_recent_stations Recent Stations
page_stations Stations
external_audio_descr Microphone or USB soundcard
aux_info_title Mute local playback?
aux_info_html <![CDATA[Using the internal microphone and speaker at the same time might create an audio feedback.<br />Would you like to mute the local playback?]]>
upgradeDialogDescr By purchasing the pro-license, you can remove all limitations and support the development.

Benefits of the Pro version:
\u2022 Up to 16 connected speakers
\u2022 Unlimited connection time
\u2022 Ad-Free
\u2022 New additional features
menu_show_queue Show queue
allStationsCategory # All Stations
song_removed_snack Song removed
undo_caps UNDO
playing_station_prefix Playing
devices Devices
music_sources_headline_player Select your Source
main_action_libraries My Music
main_action_libraries_recent Last Playlist
main_action_libraries_recent_active Current Playlist
main_action_libraries_recent_descr_empty - Empty -
main_action_libraries_local Internal Memory
main_action_libraries_local_descr Open Media Library
main_action_libraries_browse Browse Storage
main_action_libraries_browse_descr Open File Browser
main_action_libraries_dlna Network Devices
main_action_libraries_dlna_descr dlna/upnp Media Server
main_action_radio Online Radio
main_action_radio_recent Last Station
main_action_radio_recent_active Current Station
main_action_radio_recent_descr_empty - Empty -
main_action_radio_dirble All Radio Stations
main_action_radio_dirble_descr Open Station Library
main_action_radio_url HTTP Stream
main_action_radio_url_descr Enter a custom URL
main_action_externalaudio Other sources
main_action_externalaudio_start Microphone/AUX
main_action_externalaudio_start_descr Activate
main_action_externalaudio_start_active_descr Active
main_action_dlna_mediarenderer_activate DLNA Renderer Mode
main_action_dlna_mediarenderer_activate_descr Activate
main_action_dlna_mediarenderer_active_descr Active
main_action_dlna_spotify Spotify® DLNA Connection
main_action_dlna_spotify_descr Open Spotify App
main_action_speaker_mode SoundSeeder Player
main_action_speaker_current_player_connect Connection to Player
main_action_speaker_current_player_descr_notconnected_inactive Activate SpeakerMode
main_action_speaker_current_player_descr_notconnected_active Waiting for connection
main_action_speaker_current_player_descr_connected Connected to: %1$s
main_action_speaker_list_players List available Players
main_action_speaker_list_players_descr Select SoundSeeder Player
available_players Available Players
headline_source Current Source
headline_speakers Audio Output
playlist_favorites_title Favorite Tracks
playlist_automatic Automatic Playlist
channel_mono Mono
channel_stereo Stereo
channel_left Left
channel_right Right
speaker_mode Speaker Mode
not_available Not available
speaker_mode_speakers_not_available_msg This soundseeder is currently in Speaker Mode. Select another audio source, to connect speakers to this player!
addplayer Add Player
speakerMgmtTitle Speakers
day Day
night Night
auto Auto
extra_small Extra small
small Small
medium Medium
large Large
extra_large Extra large
l96 96 kbit/s
l128 128 kbit/s
l160 160 kbit/s
l320 320 kbit/s
l480 480 kbit/s
l2048 2048 kbit/s
l6120 6120 kbit/s
not_limited Not limited
off Off
low Low
med Medium
high High
extreme Extreme
speaker_search Search
searchplayer Search
playback_settings_title Playback Settings
connection_state Connection State
get_full_version Get the Pro version now!
remove_limits Remove limits and ads
aux_help_headline USB and microphone support
aux_help_text SoundSeeder supports external USB audio devices like microphones and soundcards.

Use the line-in (AUX) port of a USB soundcard, to connect external audio sources to SoundSeeder.

If no USB device is connected, Soundseeder captures the audio input of the internal microphone.
slide1_description Welcome to SoundSeeder.
The multi-speaker audio player.

Please make sure, that all your SoundSeeders are running the latest version.
slide2_title Music Player
slide2_description SoundSeeder supports multiple different audio sources.

To play local media files SoundSeeder requires access to the device storage.
slide3_title External audio
slide3_description SoundSeeder also supports the microphone and external USB soundcards.

For this feature we need the permission to record audio.
button_text_apply Apply
button_text_reset Reset
taptarget_mymusic_title Play your music
taptarget_mymusic_descr Click here to select your music source. Create a playlist or listen to a radio station.
taptarget_soundseeder_title Or connect to another SoundSeeder Player
taptarget_soundseeder_descr Search for another SoundSeeder in your Wi-Fi network and select it as audio source.
taptarget_managespeakers_title Manage your Speakers
taptarget_managespeakers_descr Click here to share your current music with other SoundSeeders.
taptarget_speakersettings_title Speaker Mode Settings
taptarget_speakersettings_descr You are now connected to another SoundSeeder. Click here to sync your playback or to change audio settings.
taptarget_volume_title Volume
taptarget_volume_descr Click here to control the volume of your speakers.
taptarget_footer_title Current Playback
taptarget_footer_descr Click or swipe up here to see your current playback.
taptarget_queue_title Current Queue
taptarget_queue_descr Swipe left or right to remove a track or drag it to reorder the playlist.
menu_sort_playlist_random Random
thank_you_message Thank you!
rating_prompt_dialog_text_main Are you enjoying SoundSeeder?
rating_prompt_dialog_text_store Will you rate SoundSeeder on the Store?
rating_prompt_dialog_text_feedback Want to give some feedback?
rating_prompt_dialog_action_no No
rating_prompt_dialog_action_no_thanks No thanks
rating_prompt_dialog_action_sure Sure
rating_prompt_dialog_action_yes Yes
offset_text_earlier earlier
offset_text_later later
resyncing_msg Resyncing Playback…
speakermode_help_headline Switch device to speaker mode
speakermode_help_descr Open SoundSeeder on the target device and set the music source to \"SoundSeeder Player\".

The device will then automatically connect to your player.
no_dlnrstream Waiting for DLNA stream
dmr_help_headline DLNA Media Renderer Mode (DMR)
dmr_help_text <![CDATA[<p>Control SoundSeeder remotely via DLNA Controller Apps.</p><b>How to use dlna:</b><br />1. Activate the DLNA Renderer Mode in SoundSeeder<br />2. Start a DLNA controller app on another device, that is connected to the same (Wi-Fi) network<br />3. Set SoundSeeder as dlna target (Renderer) and start playing some music<p>Here are some dlna app suggestions:</p><p><b><a href="">HiFy</a></b><br /> DLNA connector app for Spotify® (<b>Spotify® Premium required</b>, free trial)</p><p><b><a href="">AirAudio</a></b><br /> Streams all audio from any app on Android via DLNA (root required, free trial)</p><p><b><a href="">BubbleUPnP</a></b><br /> Feature-rich and reliable DLNA app for Android</p><p><b><a href="">Stream What You Hear (SWYH)</a></b><br /> Streams the audio output of a Windows PC via DLNA (free)</p><small>Disclaimer: These applications were neither developed nor published by us. We are not liable for the quality and legality of these applications or any consequences arising from their use.</small>]]>
dmr_mode DLNA Renderer Mode
no_country_found No country found
no_genre_found No genre found
songInfo Track Details
source File Source
mimetype MIME Type
bitrate Bitrate
samplerate Samplerate
duration Duration
tracktitle Title
artist Artist
album_info Album / Info
pref_title_spotify Spotify® Shortcut
pref_description_spotify Add Spotify® as audio source.
pref_title_airspot HiFy Support (Spotify® Connect)
pref_description_airspot Autostart HiFy app when DLNA Renderer mode is active.
pref_description_airspot_na Hify
dialog_title_hify_available HiFy detected
dialog_title_airspot_available AirSpot detected
dialog_msg_airspot_available Autostart Spotify® Connect support?
dmr_spotify_help_hidespotifyoption_checkbox Hide Spotify® shortcut
dmr_spotify_help_headline HiFy Support for Spotify® Connect
dmr_spotify_help_text <![CDATA[<b>Prerequisites:</b><br />- Spotify® Premium account<br />- \'HiFy\' app installed and running (<a href="">free trial</a>)<br />- WiFi connection<br /><br /><b>How to connect:</b><br />1. Activate DLNA Renderer Mode in SoundSeeder<br />2. Run the HiFy app<br />3. Open the Spotify® App and select soundseeder as "Spotify® Connect" device to stream your music via soundseeder.<br /><br /><small>Disclaimer: HiFy was neither developed nor published by us. We are not liable for its quality and legality or any consequences arising from its use. HiFy is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify®.</small>]]>
rewarded_ads Earn rewards!
get_rewards_descr Watch a Video Ad to get free extra minutes of streaming!
rewards_value +15 min
timer (%1$2d:%2$02d mins)
remotespeaker_limit Demo streaming limit: %1$2d:%2$02d mins
enter_station_name Station name:
station_name Name
enter_stream_url Stream URL
station_info Info
resolve Test
addStation Add Station
context_song_library_edit_custom_station Edit Station
context_song_library_remove_custom_station Delete Station
sale SALE! -%1$2d%%
premium_required Premium upgrade required
gdpr_title Personal Data
gdpr_main_text We use Appodeal to fund the development through advertising. By consenting, you agree that Appodeal and its partners may collect and process personal data to provide ads tailored to your interests. Learn more.

By agreeing, you confirm that you are over the age of 16 and would like a personalized ad experience.
gdpr_agree Yes, I agree
gdpr_disagree No, see ads that are less relevant
gdpr_removeads Buy the ad-free version
learnMore Learn more.
gdpr_reset_consent Personalized ad
pref_gdpr_reset_consent Reset consent status. You\'ll be asked again.
pref_title_reportcrash Crashreports and internal data
pref_description_reportcrash Provide crash details and internal process information to developers.
playerInSpeakerModeTitle Not supported
playerInSpeakerModeDescr %1$s is in speaker mode. It must be in player mode to be used as the audio source.

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